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The Essential Health and Safety Manual

This fully comprehensive kit contains procedures, policies, forms, guides and more.


The Essential Health and Safety Manual

A published Occupational Health and Safety Manual, embracing both policy and procedure, is a fundamental requirement... not only of standards such as OHSAS, but of legislation. It is not a publication that can be addressed lightly or superficially.

For this reason, we have identified what we consider to be the leading solution.

The Essential Health and Safety Manual is outstanding, both in scope and content. It is provided in downloadable MS-WORD RTF format, enabling your organization to brand it as needed or perhaps make changes, if any are required.

It contains a number of sections and includes the following: Health & Safety Procedures; Health and Safety Forms; Risk Assessment Forms & Instructions; Health & Safety Policies; Codes of Practice; Employee Guides; Hazard Tables and much more.

This comprehensive manual and kit is fully described on its own web site: The Essential Health and Safety Manual.

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