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The OHSAS Electronic Health & Safety Kit

This includes both parts of OHSAS 18000, an implementation guide and various other resources and materials to help you manage occupational health and safety.

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Benefits - How Can OHSAS Help?

The OHSAS specification is applicable to any organisation that wishes to:
  • Establish an OH&S management system to eliminate or minimise risk to employees and other interested parties who may be exposed to OH&S risks associated with its activities
  • Assure itself of its conformance with its stated OH&S policy
  • Demonstrate such conformance to others
  • Implement, maintain and continually improve an OH&S management system
  • Make a self-determination and declaration of conformance with this OHSAS specification.
  • Seek certification/registration of its OH&S management system by an external organisation

Essentially, OHSAS helps in a variety of respects... it helps: minimise risk to employees/etc; improve an existing OH&S management system; demonstrate diligence; gain assurance; etc. The benefits can be substabtial.

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